Day 323 – Wednesday

I had another meeting with someone from networking and my girlfriend Chris met with a friend of hers for breakfast. Given morning traffic we had a long-ish drive to the breakfast place in St Paul and then I had a shorter drive to downtown Minneapolis for my meeting.

My meeting was good. This was with a finance guy I met at the networking event last week. He was wondering about my services for using paid ads to get clients for financial people. That was what I said one of my specialties was last week.

I learned more about how his business works and it was helpful. He is just starting out so he isn’t ideal for me. He is looking for someone new (like me) but who has previous results I can point to (like my future self) so neither of us are quite the right fit yet. I’ll get back to him in 3-4 months. I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t expecting a sale at this meeting. Just learning. It was good.

Then some more driving and back to Chris’ place for more work.

Ribs and green beans for dinner. Then after dinner I started making the beef bourguignon I’m making for tomorrow. At the moment I’m waiting for the beef to finish cooking. I’ll cook the pearl onions and mushrooms tomorrow and finish it off then. I wanted to get the beef done earlier so it would have more time to develop flavor.