Day 317 – Thursday

Today was a day of lovely snow.

My girlfriend Chris has to get some regular lab work done during her recovery so we drove over to the clinic nearby and then did a few other errands. The snow had been coming down pretty steadily since early morning and the roads were pretty slippery.

As before I drove slowly and carefully and it was fine.

One new thing I noticed was snow accumulating on the car like little tiny puff balls. Discrete little balls falling next to each other. Still snow but different than other snow. I am learning there are many words needed for snow. (Unlike in the central California valley where any form of white frozen water on the ground is “snow”).

We probably had 4-5 more inches through the day.

I spent much of the day working on a project for my business. There are a couple of things I need to finish in order to start growing my marketing mailing list and I was working on the first of them. I’m also continuing to accumulate a backlog of emails for my marketing list. I plan to start sending out more than my current 2 emails a week.

I ran the snowblower again and did some shoveling work. It is tiring work but my body felt fine, just fatigued.