Day 290 – Friday

I went in for my stress test today. Today’s test was a drug induced stress test vs the treadmill. I went in, they stuck a bunch of sticky pads on my chest and had me lay down.

For some reason nurse couldn’t find any good veins on my arm and went in through my hand with a thin needle. It got the job done though I could feel it. As she said, though, her goal was only to stick me once and she succeeded.

They first injected the stress agent and the resulting feeling was pretty weird. It was a little uncomfortable. They described it as feeling like I just climbed up a bunch of stairs though I wouldn’t describe it that way. But maybe it was different for me because I hadn’t actually climbed the stairs.

Then they add the radioactive tracer substance and then I waited 10 minutes or so while everything worked and they captured EKG data.

After I stood up and some of the sticky pads were removed and I was wheeled downstairs to nucular medicine. There I needed to eat my snack (on orders I had not eaten this morning). They didn’t like my apple but did like my cheese so I had my cheese with a drink they supplied.

Did I want strawberry or chocolate? I figured bad strawberry would be less awful than bad chocolate so I chose. It wasn’t awful. It was thick and weird. I finished the drink first and finished off with the really good cheddar cheese I brought.

Then in to the room with the big machine. I really know nothing about this world so it might have been a CT scan or magnetic resonance (or maybe those are the same) or something. I had to lay still for about 20 minutes while one machine did scans from different angles around my heart. Then I was slid into the tube where I was scanned for about 30 seconds. And then I was done.

I was advised to message my Dr that I had the test and results would come out by end of day. I figured I would find out by Monday at worst.

My mom drove me home. I felt sort of weird since the stress drug. But not really weird in any easily describable way. Not good. Not bad. Sort of like the strawberry drink. Ugh.

After I ate some real food I felt back to normal by late morning and worked on some work stuff.

Around 3pm I got a message from my doctor.

Everything is fine.

Yay. Blood flow through my heart shows normal so nothing to see, nothing to do, nothing to worry about. I’m happy.

2019 plan is to get back to dropping my weight to a healthier level and get back to exercising.

That was most of my day.