Day 274 – Boxing Day

Today was the day of the big Christmas dinner. And in the UK they call it boxing day. Wikipedia can teach you why.

I helped my mom with some cooking and otherwise it was a pretty calm day. The dinner menu was simple and more enjoyable because of it.

I picked up my daughters mid-afternoon and we had a good visit. Daughter Elizabeth had studying to do and was still able to emerge for food and fun. Daughter Catherine and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle that ended up much much harder than we expected.

Everyone was there by around 4:30 and we had 8 for dinner and dessert and games. We played the usual games of left / right and pick a number, pick a present or steal, as well as chronology, a history card game we all enjoy.

Everyone got some fun gifts and I enjoyed mine and more enjoyed that people like what they received from me. My daughters each gave me a Christmas card with lovely and touching messages inside. That was by far the best part for me.

I also got a Freudian Sips coffee mug and a cookbook, among several other things.

It was a good day and I’m glad the festivities are over and we can get back to normal.