Day 242 – Saturday

Today was pretty quiet. I went on a walk because the air was really good. What I didn’t anticipate was the heavy mist I ran into. It sounds dumb but half way to where I wanted to go, I started to get misted on and it got annoying so I turned back. I was damp when I got back to the house. Still, 20 minutes is better than nothing. I’ll go longer tomorrow.

I’m feeling better now that the air has gotten clearer from the rain. My breathing is better, too.

I spent some of the day playing with my computer (the game “Cultist Simulator” if you must know. weird game though I would recommend it for some). And other time reading through some of the first marketing books I was reading last year and taking notes. This is “The 1-Page Marketing Plan” by Allan Dib. I recommend it for anyone wanting to do small business, direct response marketing. I liked it when I first read it and it makes even more sense now.

We probably won’t have to cook anything until Monday. Thanksgiving leftovers are so much fun.