Day 229 – All the Great Books (Abridged)

Today we ran some errands and I cooked and we enjoyed looking at snow.

In the evening my girlfriend Chris and I went out to a show, All The Great Books (Abridged), in St Paul with our good friends Len and Linda. The show was a lot of fun and did managed to cover the 89 books in the syllabus covered in the program. Most of it was pretty funny. A 3 person cast performing on a small stage.

After we went next door to Key’s cafe and they ordered tater tots which were quite good and Chris had tomato soup which was really surprisingly good and I had banana cream pie, also very good. The Twin Cities has some very good food.  I wish they had milkshakes, though.

Chris looked over the business proposal I’m writing and had some good suggestions. I’m more confident on my direction with it now.

Snow came down lightly off and on all day and it was very pretty. Temperatures weren’t too bad, staying mostly in the mid 20s with little wind.