Day 193 – Saturday

I took a nice 4.4 mile walk and then went to the farmers market.

The rest of the day I spent going through a course I bought on Google AdWords. The potential client for whom we are building a proposal needs advertising services and I need to become an expert in that area. What I’ve learned so far is very interesting and seems like a service that most businesses need. Also that my specific set of skills, technical and otherwise, make me well suited to being good at it.

However I found there is only so much new stuff I can fit in my head at a time. I probably got through 2 hours of the 18 total in the course. I’ll continue tomorrow. Other time was spent on related research and listing out all of the tasks I can see needed for this project and what will show up in the proposal. Tomorrow I’ll work on cost estimates and have a call to run it by my marketing partner and see what she thinks.

By the end of the day I was pretty tired and ready for sleep.