Day 77 – Website Performance

My weight started dropping again. It had gotten stuck for about a week. I suspect because I was not quite eating enough and the amount of fat I was eating was just high enough to keep me from losing. I need to remember to eat enough to keep my metabolism going strong. And fat won’t make me gain weight but it will slow down loss of weight.

I spent the most intense part of the day, several hours, working on making my personal websites run faster. Both this one and my company site. One of the things Google looks for when identifying if a website should show up high in the search results is how quickly the website is displayed in your browser.  So part of how they measure returning a good search result is how quickly that web page will load for the user which is a factor in how satisfied the user will be.

Using WordPress there is much less control over the performance of your website than if the web site is written from scratch. However there is a very good tutorial series I’m following on what can be done and using simple techniques (i.e. just pushing some buttons) I got this website to display quite a bit faster.

There is still a problem with the web server not responding in a consistent period of time. Sometimes it starts to send you the web page sooner than others. I’ll experiment with some more expensive/more powerful servers at Amazon and see if it makes a difference.

I don’t think I had focused on one problem that intensely for a while and after 4-5 hours of that I was pretty sleepy. Again, getting tired easily is still a normal experience by this point in recovery.