Day 65 – Computers are Hard

I feel better than yesterday. I think it was mostly exhaustion but I slept very well last night. I’m ready to get movers scheduled for my apartment, I’ll schedule that for sometime next week. I’m going over lists in my head and writing them down here.

I’ve been reading a lot about sales and marketing again. I’m trying out some new branding messages for my business (“My business is helping small business owners ignore technology”) and I’m feeling more comfortable talking about what I do and how I can help people. I’m feeling a little rushed starting the new blog next week. I don’t have as much written in advance as I would like. That is life, though, and deadlines can be helpful and practicing having to write faster is helpful.

There are a couple of annoying technical problems to track down and client work to do. Google Analytics (user tracking) seems to have stopped working on my company website. I claim I didn’t change anything but it definitely isn’t working so I need to figure that out. And on this blog, I don’t get emails when people write comments. But I think I used to get those emails. The first problem is more important than the second one. Both are annoying.

I need someone who can help me ignore technology so I can just get stuff done…