Day 12 – Temporary Parting

I actually slept fairly well last night from 8:45pm to 3:30am, then up for a couple hours, then back to sleep and awakened violently by a 7am alarm.  Need to make sure my phone is within easy reach in future so my arms don’t do currently uncomfortable things when it goes off.  My Girlfriend was flying back home today so we were off to the airport by 8am.  It was a very nice visit and she was very happy to see how well I was doing.

Airplane Flying
Flying here and there.

Back from the airport and feeling pretty good, I’ve gone back to thinking I can launch the blog on Monday.  I have final edits on the current draft articles which will get me to day 3 and then I can catch up from there.  I figure with practice this will go more and more smoothly.  My process is I keep rough notes about each day and then flesh those out into the blog articles you read here.  What has been a little challenging is that the notes are a little sparse in parts and my memory is a little fuzzy especially from the hospital stay.  Ideally my backlog will be no more than 3-4 days at a time going forward and I’ll also get more experienced at what notes to take.

I got in two walking sessions of 15 minutes each and by the end of the day had scheduled blog posts covering the first 5 days of articles.