Day 926 – Wednesday

Spent most of the day writing up the marketing materials for the group class I want to do.  This took longer than I expected so I still have work to do.  I’d like to have the basics of a website offering it available by Friday so I can show it to some people.  I won’t have much time to work on this part tomorrow so I’ll have to see what I can get done Friday morning.  I’ve at least figured out the pricing and what I’m going to be offering.

Watched the vice presidential debate.  Chris offered to make popcorn which I couldn’t turn down.  It’s fun watching her make it since it is so far outside of my experience of making popcorn.  Pour oil into pot, pour corn into pot, turn on stove.  When the lid of the pot starts to be pushed up by the popcorn dump some into the huge bowl.  Keep popping.  A couple more times and it’s done.  It’s like actual cooking vs using the air popper or microwave.  Add a lot of butter and salt and it’s delicious.

A fly landed on Mike Pence’s head.  It was wonderful.  And fitting.